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Holiday Info 2018-19



Happy holidays from all of us at SSC. Below and attached is info about recycling and disposing of holiday items. Information about holiday collections schedules can be found here.

Christmas/Holiday Trees

Prep: Remove all decorations. Recycle non-working holiday lights, extension cords and wire with scrap metal (place next to bins). Please bundle and tie with string, rubber band or twist tie.

Scouts Tree Recycling Project - FYI

Date: Saturday, January 5, 2019. More info via local Scouts.

Food Plus! (Year-Round Collection) & Garbage

Place inside Toter®. NOTE: If tree fits in Toter® (with lid down) there is no extra charge.

If the lid is up, extra charges apply accordingly.

Full Toter®? Place tree next to Toter®. Cost: $6 per tree (up to 8’ long). Fee will be added to next bill.

Other seasonal items accepted in FoodPlus! include:

  • Greens, Wreaths, Garlands, Swags, Floral Arrangements, Plants (no wire or ribbon)
  • Tissue Paper, Cotton Twine

Curbside Pick-Up (non-FoodPlus! customers)

Pick-up must be scheduled in advance. Pick-up is on regular FoodPlus! day for customer’s service area.

Cost: $6 per tree (up to 8’ long). Charge to account or pre-pay.


Bellingham Drop Box Facility & Recycling Center - 1001 Roeder Avenue (corner F St & Roeder Ave)

Cost: $6 per tree (up to 8’ long). Check in at front for instructions and to pay.


Curbside Recycling—YES, please recycle in your Scrap Paper bin:

Wrapping paper / Paper gift bags—No foiled paper please. Remove handles.

Gift wrap paper tubes and packaging including paper stuffing, inserts, wraps, boxes, etc.

All cards, tags and envelopes regardless of how much extra material, like glitter, is on them.


Curbside Recycling—YES, please recycle next to your curbside bins:

Holiday lights, extension cords and wire. Bundle and tie and place next to recycling bins for pick-up.

Non-Recyclable Holiday Items—Garbage

Ribbons, bows (reuse or throw away), gift bag handles (plastic) & foiled gift wrap

Styrofoam™ (reuse "peanuts" or recycle through a local mailing store)

Light bulbs, broken ornaments and tinsel


Note: Extra charges apply on overweight containers or containers whose lid is not fully closed due to extra garbage under the lid. Extra charges also apply for garbage piled on top of, or beside, containers.


Recycling Overflow—Customer Tips (moderate quantities accepted)

Use plastic bins or boxes no larger or heavier than curbside bin for extra recyclables. Set next to bins for pick-up.

Bag all paper in paper sacks. Place bag on side in bin to avoid wind-blown litter.

Flatten all cardboard, tie with non-plastic twine in 6” thick bundles no larger than 2’x4’.

Info above is available on website (

FAQ: What types of holiday wrap and packaging are accepted for recycling or in the FoodPlus program?

FAQ: FoodPlus! Seasonal, celebration and holiday list of accepted items

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