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SSC now accepts all plastic containers in curbside recycling program




For more information contact:

Paul Razore, President

Sanitary Service Company

(360) 734-3490


Rodd Pemble, SSC Recycling Manager

(360) 815-1098


BELLINGHAM, WA. – Sanitary Service Company (SSC), Whatcom County’s largest recycling and garbage collection company, announced today it will begin accepting a wide variety of plastic containers in its curbside recycling program.

Beginning Monday, October 29, 2007, SSC recycling customers will be able to recycle clean, non-hazardous plastic containers through the company’s home and business recycling services. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer this expansion of the curbside recycling program to all our residential and commercial customers,” said SSC President Paul Razore. Razore said the list of new plastics to be accepted includes containers, like those used for deli and dairy products, single-serve beverage cups and lids, hot beverage lids, snack cups, tubs, jars, pails and buckets up to 1-gallon in size without metal handles.

SSC Recycling Manager Rodd Pemble said recycling for plastic tubs and single-serve cups is the single most common request the company has had over the last decade. “We know the addition of these items to our recycling program is going to make a lot of customers happy – especially those that consume or use dairy products.”

Pemble said customers should rinse out all containers until they are CLEAN, nest them together as much as possible and recycle along with bottles and cans. “Clean material is key to the long-term success of this program,” said Pemble. Lids, caps and rings can be recycled too and should be stuffed inside containers or placed loose in the recycling bin or cans/glass/plastic container Toter. Pemble said the company cannot accept items in plastic bags, any Styrofoam products, foil lids or plastic containers that contained potentially hazardous products such as motor oil, antifreeze, solvents or pesticides. Pemble encouraged customers with large quantities of plastic containers to put them out over several pick-ups, or nest them and place in a cardboard box no bigger than a curbside recycling bin and set out with the rest of their recyclables. “Nesting containers really helps,” said Pemble. “It conserves space on the recycling collection trucks, which saves on fuel and reduces emissions.”

Pemble emphasized that plastics (bottles and cans too) need to be rinsed clean. “Clean material is key to making this program work,” said Pemble. Plastics collected in SSC’s curbside program are delivered to Northwest Recycling in Bellingham where they are sorted, baled and shipped for processing.

Lisa Friend, who answers the Recycling Hotline for ReSources, said the Hotline gets dozens of calls each month from citizens inquiring about opportunities for recycling plastics. “Plastics are definitely a hot topic,” said Friend. “We are very excited about this new development.”

Recycled plastics are used to manufacture a variety of products, including fleece clothing and composite lumber. For questions or a detailed list of acceptable items and how to prepare them for recycling, call SSC at (360) 734-3490 or visit


About Sanitary Service Company, Inc.

Established in 1929, SSC, Inc. is Whatcom County’s largest recycling and waste collection company, serving over 45,000 residential and commercial customers. SSC is a locally-owned and family-operated business that runs its fleet on biodiesel fuel and offices on 100% Green Power. Named 2006 Recycler of the Year by the Washington State Recycling Association, SSC is also a 5-Star participant in the EnviroStars pollution prevention program. The company collects a wide variety of recyclable materials through its recycling collection programs including papers, glass, metal, plastics, food/food-soiled papers, yard waste, electronics and construction/demolition debris. For more information, visit


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