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Ask SSC What do I do with Styrofoam blocks?



Q: What do I do with Styrofoam® packing blocks?

A: Dear Fran,

Unfortunately, no recycling options are available in our area for Styrofoam® at this time. There are some reuse options:

One-Stop Mail Shop—1730 LaBounty Drive, Ste. 3, Ferndale—360-380-9976. Accepts Styrofoam® peanuts and some larger pieces (blocks, sheets, etc.) depending on size). Please call ahead for hours and instructions.

Other local postal, mailing and shipping outlets may accept Styrofoam® for reuse. Contact directly to inquire.

If you cannot find a reuse option, Styrofoam® can be placed in your garbage for disposal. Please bag Styrofoam® peanuts and other smaller pieces to prevent windblown litter.

For additional questions please contact us or call 360-734-3490.


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