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Snapshot: Single Stream vs. Pre-Sorted Recycling


3 Stack Bins

Snapshot: Why does SSC use the 3 Stack Recycling Bin “Pre-Sorted” System?

SSC uses a “pre-sorted” recycling system to keep rates as low as possible for our customers.

We understand from a customer vantage point that single-stream (commingled) programs, where recyclables are collected in one large container, are convenient and easy to use, but that convenience comes at a higher cost on your recycling and garbage bill.

In single-stream programs, approximately 10-15% of material collected goes straight to landfill. Recyclables leftover are lower quality from being commingled with other wet and dry materials and, as a result, fetch a lower price at market. Clean, sorted, high quality recyclables from programs like SSC’s consistently get the highest prices at market.

Highest market prices = Lowest overall rate for our customers!

In addition to keeping rates as low as possible for our customers, our pre-sorted collection system, and the open-style bins we provide, allows our recycling drivers to visually screen for non-recyclables and hazardous items prior to loading. This keeps our drivers and equipment safe and material contamination rates low.

When curbside recycling was first introduced in our community, the Whatcom County Council listed access and low cost as their highest priorities. Our program was designed with these values in mind—to provide the same low cost service to EVERY home in our service area, which includes Bellingham, Ferndale, Birch Bay, Blaine and most of unincorporated Whatcom County.

For over 20 years, we have operated a successful curbside recycling program based on providing the highest quality service at the lowest cost to our customers. Today, SSC’s award-winning curbside recycling program accepts a wider variety of items than ANY other program in the Pacific Northwest.

For additional questions, please contact us at or (360) 734-3490.

Thank you for your business—and for recycling!

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Established in 1929, SSC is Whatcom County's largest recycling and garbage collection service provider, serving 45,000 + customers from Bellingham to Blaine and beyond. SSC is a sustaining member of Sustainable Connections, a Toward Zero Waste Founding Pioneer, 100% Green Power Leader, 5-Star EnviroStar business and Whatcom Smart Trips employer.


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