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SSC Shifts into High Gear for Ski to Sea Weekend


Ski to Sea 2011 Banner

(May 28, 2011) – SSC is shifting into high gear this weekend with lots of Ski to Sea festivities. Here’s a rundown of happenings and a few tips and reminders:

Our crews were busy Friday delivering portable toilets, FoodPlus! Recycling, bottle and can recycling and garbage Toters® all along the race route. Ski to Sea racers and spectators are encouraged to help make Ski to Sea a toward zero waste event. Go Green Ski to Sea info here .

  • FoodPlus! Recycling: All food and papers, including hot cups (coffee, tea, cocoa, etc.), cold beverage cups (including those handed out at each leg finish), paper plates, parchment sheets/bags, napkins, etc. go in the FoodPlus! Recycling Toter®. All FoodPlus! Recycling materials are composted locally.
  • Bottles, Cans and Plastic Container Recycling: All glass, aluminum (foil too) and plastic bottles and containers (any food or condiment container) go in the blue Recycling Toter®.

Saturday is the Grand Parade at noon in downtown Bellingham and our breast cancer awareness truck, Pink Lady, will be in the parade. Can’t miss her! Grand Parade info here . 

Sunday, of course, is the big race and we will be cheering for all racers – especially Team 402 - SSC's You Call We Haul . Good luck to all. Enjoy a long and safe weekend!



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